Brown Seaweed Extract
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:How do you take Brown Seaweed Extract?

A:It's best to take it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, 30 minutes before a meal with a full glass of water.

Q:Will I experience anything negative when taking Brown Seaweed Extract?

A:Depending on how much toxic metals you have in your body, you may experience a detox for a week or two. After this has past, you should notice an increase in energy and health.

Q:Can I overdose on Brown Seaweed Extract?

A:No, Brown Seaweed Extract is a whole food derived from fresh seaweed from the ocean. You can't overdose on it.

Q:Is Brown Seaweed Extract good for losing weight?

A:Yes. Brown Seaweed extract will give your body the iodine that your thyroid needs. The thyroid regulates your metabolisim of food and energy levels.

Q:Who is Brown Seaweed Extract for?

A:It is safe for everyone: Adults, Teenagers, Children, Pregnant Women, Nursing Mothers, and the Elderly.

Q:Will Brown Seaweed Extract benefit a child with autisim?

A:It will detox the body of the heavy metals that are known to cause and worsen autisim. Use 2-4 capsules a day for at least 5 weeks to see results.

Q:Will Brown Seaweed Extract benefit people with Low Thyroid Function?

A:Brown Seaweed Extract contains organic iodine which feeds the thyroid gland. This gland controls the metabolism and regulates horomones in the body. Iodine is important for thyroid disorders whether they are underactive or overactive.

Q:Can Brown Seaweed Extract help someone with cancer?

A: Brown Seaweed Extract contains fucoidan which causes certain types of rapidly growing cancer cells to self-destruct. It is also helpful for those who are going through or have gone through radiation or chemotherapy. The alginate will naturally absorb the toxins and radioacitve elements, which can lessen or prevent the common nausea and hairloss that results from these treaments.

Q:What other benefits are there from taking Brown Seaweed Extract?

A:Brown Seaweed Extract will strenghten your nails and hair. It can also help lessen the symptoms and problems associated with menopause. There are naturally occurring nutrients and minerals in the seaweed that you will also benefit from. It will boost the immune system, and has been helpful with people that have blood sugar imbalances.

Q:Will Brown Seaweeed Extract be helpful for when I vaccinate my child?

A:Yes. The Alginate that naturally absorbs heavy metals with help rid the body of mercury and other toxins that are found in vaccines. Continue taking the Brown Seaweed Extact 2-3 weeks after receiving the vaccine to prevent mercury poisening.

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