Goji Berries
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:What's the difference between Sun-dried Goji Berries and Shade-dried Goji Berries?

A:Shade-dried Goji Berries have higher nutitional conent than berries that are Sun-Dried, because they were not exposed to direct sunlight and heat. Shade-dried Berries are dried with a screen over them to protect them from the direct sunlight. They are both considered raw. When buying Goji Berries make sure that the berries were not cooked or dried in an oven, because it destroys most of the nutritional content.

Q:How long do dried Goji Berries store for?

A:Dried Goji Berries will last about 1 year if stored in a cool dry place. Life span does depend on what kind of climate you live in. If you live in an area with low humidity, storing them in a pantry or a cupboard will work just fine. If you live where it is very humid and have no air conditioning, you might consider putting them in a refrigerator to ensure they will keep longer. Dried Goji Berries should be treated and stored the same as raisins or other dried fruits.

Q:What is Goji's history?

A:The history of Goji can be traced back thousands of years and is an intricate part of Chinese and Asian folk medicine. There are many Chinese legends in connection Goji, most of them about Goji's ability to extend a person's life well beyond 100 years.

Q:Which parts of Goji are used?

A:The fruits, leaves and flowers of the Goji plant can all be used. The fruits can be taken fresh, juiced, or dried. The leaves can be made into a tea and the flowers used as decoration. Goji juice is the most popular product made from this unique plant.

Q:Is it better to drink Goji Juice or eat the dried Goji Berries?

A:It is cheaper to eat the dried berries, however, if you have a hard time digesting dried fruit, the juice would be better.

Q:Where is the best place to buy the Goji Juice?

A:It is important to make sure the juice you are buying is 100% Goji Juice without fillers or other juices added that dilute it. There is a juice called Total Goji 100 by Genesis Today that has the entire Goji Berry in it. This is important because the omega oils are found in the seeds.

Q:Is it okay for children to drink Goji Juice?

A:Yes, Goji Juice is great for the entire family.

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