Marine Phytoplankton

Testimonial #1

Marine Phytoplankton & Sea Trinity

Hi there! I never write testimonials- good or bad but at this point just had to. Two years ago I had a huge eczema breakout that wasn't being controlled by steroid creams. I have two young children & simply couldn't apply the medication to my hand that was needed & handle food or my children safely. I was recommended to try Phytoplankton & amazingly it worked like NO OTHER option I had tried- that include tar baths, soaks, various steroid creams, etc. Recently I have suffered from a skin condition that developed on my upper lip. I self medicated & then went to two dermatologists, who after experimenting & guessing what it was, just chalked it up to an eczema outbreak. The two medications worked only temporarily. I had an appointment to go to a new dermatologist on Thursday (tomorrow). Last week I was reading literature from your company & noticed that the Sea Trinity touted healing at the cellular level & thought I would give it a show- why not?? I received & started taking 3 pills on Friday- in 5 days my lip has completely healed. Sea Trinity has done what doctors and prescriptions had not been able to do in over eight months. I cannot explain how renewed I feel. I am no longer in pain, discomfort or feel like I want to hide in my house. I would recommend it to anyone suffering with any type of skin conditions, chronic or temporary. This is a natural, healing solution and not to mention the other amazing benefits your body gets from taking Sea Trinity. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!


Testimonial #2

Sea Trinity

I have manifested amazing results in my body since I started taking the Sea Trinity. My hair, skin, finger and toenails are healthy again after ten years. I feel that Sea Trinity is heaven’s gift sent to bless us with abundant health. I feel incredible, vibrant and alive.

The blood circulation in my legs have improved, my heart rate and pulse are normal. I am sleeping more soundly. I feel energetic and alive when I get up in the morning. Skin blemishes are disappearing. I started seeing improvements in my body while taking the first bottle of Sea. My emotional body has also benefitted from Sea Trinity. My prayers were answered and I am truly grateful to those committed souls that were inspired to make such a wonderful product available for us. I am especially grateful for the supportive team at purehealingfoods.com that always willing and ready to assist me each time I call or email.

Dora Jones
Talk Therapy and Spiritual Coach

Testimonial #3

Marine Phytoplankton

Mostly I'm writing to tell you how helpful you previous testimonials have been in my Candida recovery progress. I'm am still in the thick of it, however I am sure I will completely recover. The most tragic part of the Candida–aside from feeling terrible, is that it ruined the skin on my face. I thought I had lucked out as a teen having great skin, however the more serious my illness got the more sensitive, irritated painful my face was. It seemed that nearly everything I ate made my face immediately break out in weird splotches that eventually left lasting pigmentations. I read a testimonial on your website about a little boy who had the same symptoms I was having due to Candida. His mother gave him the marine phytoplankton and within a few months he saw complete improvement. I quickly ordered the phytoplankton and noticed within three days of taking it a drastic reduction in the irritation and lightening of the marks. Along with this other benefits followed. My sleep improved, I found myself having more energy and I was able to stay awake later. My focus improved and my sugar cravings diminished. If you are on the Biamonte treatment program for Candida, I cannot recommend this product enough. It will make your "good" days more frequent and easier to enjoy.

Thanks Pure Healing Foods,

Testimonial #4

Marine Phytoplankton

As I live between 3 places and have a lot of long haul flights, I like an effective supplement that is easy to carry ( as opposed to 15 different bottles ). Phytoplankton definitely seems to be an all around support.

Kind regards

Testimonial #5

Marine Phytoplankton

I have had fibromyalgia for a couple years which affects the muscles in my body. A family member had explained to me that a friend of his was cured of cancer melanoma by taking this product, so I have deided to try it out. It has been 2 weeks now since I've been taking it and I feel difference it has done to me. I feel healthier and with more energy. I have also noticed that I sleep better because I used to have trouble sleeping at night. I feel content to be taking this product Pure Marine phytoplankton. I would like to keep taking this product for a longer period of time.


Testimonial #6

Marine Phytoplankton & Sea Trinity

My 25 year old son has been suffering with psoriasis for several years. He has seen several dermatologists and received numerous prescriptions and ointments for the condition whenever flare ups occurred. He began training for a year and a half for the career he had decided on in the military and was later told he would have to be disqualified from the program. He was told a diagnosis of psoriasis was a disqualification from all branches of the military. No medical personnel looked at him; only his medical records. Needless to say, he was devastated. When he returned home, I searched Google for information about psoriasis. I was actually looking for something to use to aid in treating his psoriasis when I came across testimonials from various web sites about how Marine Phytoplankton had helped some psoriasis sufferers. I sent Leesa an email and was astonished she actually took the time to call me. After discussing my son’s condition, she aided me in deciding which products to purchase for him. I am very happy to say that he started with a combination of Marine Phytoplankton and Sea Trinity and I noticed a change after the first day of him taking that combination. Within a few days, the patches on his skin were completed cleared up and this was without using any of his prescribed topical medications. My husband and I were so pleased with his results that my husband has decided to try Marine Phytoplankton to see if it will help him with his blood pressure problems.

Lawrenceville, GA

Testimonial #7

Sea Trinity

The first thing I noticed about your store is how prompt the delivery was. I got my products in two days! But thats only a small part of what I love. The product that I am using which is Trinity is so amazing! I dont have any where near the allergy problems I have had for years and years. I feel much more alert, pain free and energetic, as I was having some bursitis problems. I am so pleased about my well-being. This product has done wonders for me and I wouldnt think of not taking it.

Also, I am going to get Phytoplankton next time. Thank you so much for all your help too. Your employees are so courteous and friendly, I love to call!

Warmest regards,


Walworth, NY

Testimonial #8

Marine Phytoplankton, Sea Trinity, & Astaxanthin (BioAstin)

I would be happy to contribute my personal experience with your products. After several months using Marine Phytoplankton, SeaTrinity and BioAstin I can honestly say ALL THREE of these products have made some very noticeable improvements to my health. I have genetically inherited autoimmune conditions that I have been working on controlling (quite successfully) w/strict dietary changes for several years now (primarily gluten/yeast intolerance, and psoriasis). The dietary changes didn't seem to really help the psoriasis though. Taking these three products in combination have really improved how I feel and look (...my skin in particular has cleared up, and my hair and nails just look plain 'healthier'). Most interestingly, I actually physically feel a constant low level 'energy buzz' that feels like it is working at the cellular level (It literally feels to me as if I am more alive!).

In particular, with taking BioAstin for several months I have noticed that it seems to reduce my pain and stiffness (and recovery rate) after I run/lift weights. [I am 42 and still exercise at the same level I did when I was in my 30's, but had been dealing with much longer periods of recovery after exercising.] ALL THREE ARE GREAT PRODUCTS!

Your price points for these great products (particularly the BioAstin) are also the best I've found!

Round Rock, TX

Testimonial #9

Chia Seed & Hemp Seed

I am a new user of the products I ordered from you. I put all of them in my morning and noon smoothies and have noticed several changes/improvements. I have always had short, brittle fingernails. I remember as a young girl (many years ago) my mother would tell me to drink knox gelatin if I wanted to make them harder and less brittle. This is really hard to believe but since I started using the Chia seeds my nails are long and hard. I don't know what else I could attribute that to but the Chia Seeds. Also, this is a very controverisal subject, but I have my dog on the BARF diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods) which of course has no fiber in it so I add the Chia seeds and "Voila" - instantly formed stool, plus he has got to be benefiting from the nutritional value of the seeds.

With the Hemp Hearts, when I mix them in my smoothies I have this tremendous feeling of well being.

Mesa, AZ

Testimonial #10

Hemp Seed, Chia Seed, & Camu Camu

We recently purchased a vitamix blender and decided to try using your hemp hearts to make smoothies. Wow! What a tasty treat. I make these amazing creamy, healthy smoothies for my entire family with your hemp hearts, chia seeds, organic fruits and veggies and a touch of your camu camu powder...delicious and so healthy! With super foods like this, my kids do not get sick even attending public school.
Another great benefit I've noticed about the hemp and chia...super soft and smooth hair and skin!

I had gestational diabetes with my 3rd pregnancy and do not even have to worry about my blood sugar anymore with super foods. I am truly a believer!

Kim in AZ

Testimonial #11

Hemp Seed

We have found that the hemp hearts give us energy that lasts all day and we don't feel any craving for in between snacks. It helped my wife lose 5 pounds easily and we have already recommended it to two friends. And by the way we are so delighted with their customer service. I, by mistake put down incorrect address when I placed the order. I called and left a message and someone actually called me back and made the correction for me.

A. Haider

Testimonial #12

Hemp Seed, Chia Seed, & Goji Berries

We have had great success with a combination of hemp, chia and goji. When we tried to cut back on animal products, I dealt with increased weakness and my father dealt with dangerous weight loss. Finding Hemp and Chia stopped these problems immediately. The sales staff at Pure Healing Foods was very helpful as we searched for foods that 1) would work to solve our health issues and 2) taste good enough to be eaten day in and day out. This company was a great find.


Testimonial #13

Chia Seed & Hemp Seed

I went to my local health food store to buy chia seeds for the first time. My jaw dropped when I found out they were $29 a pound...and hemp seeds were very expensive, too. I figured at those prices the products were probably sitting on the shelves for a long time. I came home and googled chia seeds and found Pure Healing Foods. I bought huge bags of chia and hemp seeds to put in my smoothies and in my raw crackers that I dehydrate. The seeds are a super food...sold by a super company that provides a stellar product for an amazingly reasonable price.

Tallahassee, FL

Testimonial #14

Chia Seed & Hemp Seed

I have been struggling with some health issues over the past several (11+) years. It has been difficult to find foods that I am able to consume due to so many allergies, which has made it difficult to get enough protein and nutrients. Thanks to a fabulous Colon Hydrotherapist who is teaching me about Living Foods, I have been introduced to many things, including making my own hemp milk. I purchased 5lbs of hemp seed and some chia seed from you, and I have incorporated both into my diet every single day. It has made a huge difference in meeting my nutritional needs and I love it. I make a hemp and papaya smoothie and add a little chia and green food and it gives me all the energy I need for several hours. I did alot of searching on the web to buy hemp seed, and found the best price and quality from Pure Healing Foods. I am so glad I ordered from your company, you have great quality products and great service!

Fort Collins, CO

Testimonial #15

Hemp Seed, Chia Seed, & Coconut Oil

I have purchased hemp, chia seeds and coconut oil.
I have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and since using hemp and chia seeds, my body seems to be in balance, especially before my next meal, I do not have that drop in blood sugar sensation.

I use coconut oil for cooking and baking and am happy with the taste and texture.

Phyllis from DE

Testimonial #16

Hemp Seed

I am a cancer patient and I eat your hemp seeds with everything. They taste great and have done wonders for my concentration.

Thank You.

Testimonial #17

Hemp Seed, Chia Seed, & Goji Berries

Thank you for providing such great products! I ordered goji berries, chia seeds & hemp hearts from you recently and have been very pleased with both the quality of them and the almost immediate noticeable improvement to my overall health. I really appreciate your efforts to educate and inform others who may benefit from the use of these natural wonders. Cheers and best wishes to you on the success of your endeavours.

Kind Regards,

G. L'Esperance

Testimonial #18

Hemp Seed

I ordered hemp seed through Pure Healing Foods and was thrilled with my transaction. The shipping was super fast and my package came fully equipped with detailed information about the product and generous sample packets. I put hemp seed in my smoothie every morning and have seen great improvements in my energy level, and skin and hair quality. I look forward to doing more business with PHF and trying their other highly nutritious superfoods.

Northamtpon, MA

Testimonial #19

Customer Service & Website Info

I'd love to write a testimonial for your company.

I appreciate the high quality products you offer and your very reasonable prices. Your website is also extremely informative and I particularly enjoy the health info you offer. It has come in handy for me and for my friends. Thanks for a great site and great products!


Testimonial #20

Service, Prices, and Info

I have ordered several times from your website and have been very pleased with the service and each of the products that I received. Your prices are very competitive. I also like the fact that each product that you sell is in it's most pure and natural form. I will continue to make my purchases through you.

Thank you
Woodland, WA

Testimonial #21

Hemp Seed

Pure Healing Foods had the price of any online retailer on Hemp Seeds. And they're very good quality and super fresh. I sprinkle them on just about everything I eat. And put them in all the smoothies and other raw foods I make I love hemp seeds and since PHF sells them for less, I can eat more.


Testimonial #22

Hemp Seed

Not knowing exactly what I wanted to order for the first time, I placed a phone call and spoke to Dave. Dave was so helpful! He was enthusiastic about the products, but was kind and gentle (i.e. not pushy). I ended up buying more than I had originally planned and I'm glad I did. Now I use hemp seeds in my daily smoothies and I know that they have given me the extra nutrition that I need but they also make my smoothies more filling so that I don't get hungry until lunchtime. My kids now add them to their smoothies too and love them like I do. I will continue to make PHF my only source for the high quality seeds!

Thank you!
Oceanside, CA

Testimonial #23

Hemp Seed & Goji Berries

Pure Healing Foods is an excellent online resource! The prices are very reasonable, and I can say that I am very pleased with the quality of the product. Hemp seeds and goji berries round out my regular order, but I enjoy also being exposed to new “products” – in this way the site is actually educational as well as commercial. I trust Pure Healing Foods and have only had good customer experiences in dealing with them. I hope the affordability and availability of healthy natural products sold here encourages more people to improve their diets and their lifestyles! PHF has done just that for me!

T. Street – Washington, D.C.

Testimonial #24

Chia Seed, Hemp Seed, & Goji Berries

I'm writing to you to let you know how happy I am with the quality of the products and excellent service you provide. And all this to a very competitive price! The chia seeds are just a wonderful way to provide my children with the calcium, iron, and Omega fatty acids they need. They also make my diabetic son's blood glucose more stable. Hemp seeds are another way to provide them with minerals, essential fatty acids, and easily digestible protein, which is especially beneficial for my youngest son, who has a very weak digestive system and loads of allergy and skin problems. And the Goji berries are a power-packed snack!

Thank you again for everything you do for our family!

Claudia, Duluth, GA

Testimonial #25

Hemp Seed & Goji Berries

I ordered hemp seeds, a hemp bar, honey and goji berries from this website because of the detailed product information and the best prices I could find on the internet. I have been using hemp seeds for a while because of their essential fatty acids. I like the nutty taste on salads and veggies. They taste much better than the hemp bar. I ordered goji berries for the first time because I felt I needed some more nutrition to maintain a healthy immune system, especially now that colder days are ahead. I have to admit I was very sceptical, and I did not initially like the taste but now love them and I did feel more energized when I used them as a snack. They are great with nuts or just by themselves. I’m not sure though they are actually from Tibet, more likely from Ningxia, China. I’m about to order more… Delivery was fast and efficient.


Testimonial #26

Hemp Seed

Thank you so much being there and serving us. After searching internet infomation for hempseeds I found your company. I can't tell a specific thing what has happened because my son and I already where in good health. I wanted to add hemp seed to our supplement list because of all good benefits that hemp seed provides. We add the recomended 4 tablespoon every morning to our oatmeal and enjoy nutty tasting oatmeal. 1 thing that I have noticed is it does add lot of fiber to our already healty diet and we can be sure that there is everyday healty elimination.

Also I am very thankful your very fast service and providing a flat rate price. Also it is nice that you add small samples of other products to introduce us to them. Thank you very much for being our provider.


Testimonial #27

Chia Seed

I've been a student of health and wellness for many years now and am just now learning about the superfood called Chia seeds.  What a wild and wonderful food!!  I immediately felt an increase in energy and alertness.  I also had faster and easier bowel movements.  I just love the consistency and texture.  It's fun to eat.  I add it to my superfood smoothies as well as eat it with some agave and coconut oil.  But I can also add just salt to it.  It has so many applications!!  When I heard that the Ascended Mayan race ate chia seeds as one of its foundational foods for energy and stamina, and that their enemies strategy to defeat them included cutting off their chia seed supply...I was sold!!!  And remember, the first three letters in Chia is "Chi"...Life!!! 


Testimonial #28

Chia Seed, Hemp Seed, & Goji Berries

In August I started eating a mixture of hemp hearts (4 tablespoons) chia seeds (2 tablespoons) and goji berries (about 2-3 tablespoons) for breakfast most days. After about a week I noticed an improvement in the condition of the skin on my thumb, which has had a small fungal infection for several years. Through the years I have tried everything I could think of to treat that infection, and though a few things knocked it back for awhile it has always returned. After a couple weeks the fungus was back full force, so I thought this was just like everything else that had helped and that the benefit was only temporary. But I kept eating the mixture, as healing that skin infection wasn't the reason I was eating it anyway. Well, after about a month that infection started to improve again. Now, after eating the hemp/chia/goji berry mixture for 2 1/2 months that infection is about 80% gone and continues to improve slowly. I think that is a great result for an infection that has proved resistant to every alternative and conventional treatment I have tried!

Thank you so much!

Jackson, WY

Testimonial #29

Chia Seed

Chia seed makes a very healthy, weight-dropping meal replacement due to its high concentration of fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants. I mix 3 tablespoons of chia seed in 14 ounces of water and feel satiated for at least 12 hours.  Pure Healing Foods has provided first-class service, with every order!

- Ben from Michigan"

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